Organic Cotton Clothes

Ayam Organics – producing organic cotton clothes – was founded in India’s South Goa by Ute Ferrao in 2012.

The seed was sown one summer when the India based German entrepreneur was on visiting her homeland with her children. A close friend of hers complained about how difficult it was to find leggings made of organic cotton in Europe. It was then that the concept of Ayam Organics was born, offering comfortable, ecological and 100% natural leisurewear not just for yoga practise.


Ute has lived in India for the past 25 years running and developing a successful hut resort called Bhakti Kutir. Over the years she had built a robust network of like-minded business people, many of which were local organic cotton suppliers. So she decided to become a connecting link between Europe and the world of Indian organic cotton production and even obtained a GOTS certification. Needless to mention, her cultural knowledge of both worlds makes it so much easier to connect these two very different worlds.

Organic Cotton Yoga Leisure Meditation Loungewear Pants Leggings Tops Vests
Ute in her element - quality control with a cup of coffee
Organic Cotton Clothes for Yoga Leisure Meditation Loungewear Pants Leggings Tops Vests
Some of our first samples sat on the bench in Bhakti Kutir

Passion for Ecology

Ute has been passionate about following an organic and ecological approach to life since long before it became a popular marketing proposition. She also knows the importance of actual usability i.e. blending style with comfort. When it comes to yoga and sports, it’s important that the clothing stretches well and this is where the brand takes its name – ‘Ayam’ means ‘stretching’ in Sanskrit.

Although Ayam Organics was born in India, its origins were spawned from a truly international background. It has an Indian based German founder, the line was designed by an Italian fashion designer and the original logo and branding was created by renowned British artist Kate Milsom. And of course, the material is produced in two Indian states by local producers. 

“The world is full of clothes, just not enough organic cotton clothes. And I am willing to do anything as long as it is organic and ecological.” Ute Ferrao

“You do not need any special clothes to practise yoga, asanas or meditate. No yoga wear can guarantee progress on your path.” Ute Ferrao

Ute’s vast experience with the so called spiritual world and obvious realisations informed her commitment to providing comfortable and pure organic and ecological leisurewear and make Ayam a truly unique business offering – a range of products that are designed to provide comfort on your yoga journey while being loving to our planet Earth too.


Organic Cotton Yoga Leisure Meditation Loungewear Pants Leggings Tops Vests
Our product have been been transported around India in all sorts of ways!

What we can promise, however, is plenty of stretch and therefore plenty of comfort. We all know that growing flexibility of one’s mind makes life more comfortable and stress-free, and the same applies to our fabric. 

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