Organic and ecological

When we say organic and ecological, we mean that any materials used to produce our organic cotton clothes for yoga and leisure have been sourced fully organically. To support this we obtained a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification on all products in our current offering back in 2014. GOTS inspectors visited our production lines and awarded us with official certification.

Organic products only
No Child Labor
Living wages
Paid Overtime
Organic Cotton Yoga Leisure Meditation Loungewear Pants Leggings Tops Vests


When we claim production of our organic cotton to be sustainable, we mean that not just us but also mentioned GOTS inspectors have visited our producers in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat to ensure no non-organic produce is present in the factory and working conditions meet GOTS standards. You can rest assured to have added yet another level of ecological approach to your yoga practice.

“The world is full of clothes, there’s too many of them, just not enough organic ones. And I am willing to do anything as long as it is organic and ecological.” Ute Ferrao

Comfortable at your leisure

Clothes that provide comfort is our main goal. And our organic cotton clothes are especially suitable for leisure. Our fabric provides enough stretch and holds its shape. It is not designed to suffocate you but to provide comfort so you can let go and focus on your practise. 

Organic Cotton Yoga Leisure Meditation Lounge Wear Ariana Nextdoor Yoga London
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