Ellisha D’Sa – Adventure School Goa

Ellisha D'Sa - Adventure School Goa

Meet Ellisha D’Sa originally from the U.K. with roots here in Goa. Ellisha has created an adventure school programme for kids aged 8-12 holidaying in Goa. She is closely connected to Ute Ferrao, the founder of Bhakti Kutir and Ayam Organics. They have been neighbours and worked together for years. 

After moving to Goa in 2014, Ellisha first worked as a teaching assistant at Vidya Aranya, a Waldorf inspired school. The school was originally started by Ute and a couple of other parents nearly 20 years ago. As Ellisha’s passion is more with extracurricular activities, she started her own ‘adventure school’ a couple of years later and took over the original Vidya Aranya premises. Vidya Aranya has grown bigger and had to moved to a new  bigger site a couple of kilometers away.

She started her school in 2019 and already had her classes pretty full in in the high season months. Children can join for as little as days but also for their entire stay in Goa.  They truly enjoy themselves and leave Ellisha’s school with new skills, unforgettable memories and also many new friends.

In her free time, Ellisha has also been the lead singer in a local band called Barley and the Herbs. Their seasonal tours around local culture joints are getting noticed more by the year!

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